How PageWatch works

PageWatch just launched, in this post I'll explain some of what it can do for your site.

To start a test, all we need is your url, and the amount of pages you want to check.

All we need is your homepage url

That's it, click 'Submit' and after a few seconds results should start showing up.

Explore Pages

This section gives you a overview of all pages we checked, including potential issues we found.

Explore section

Page Details

If you click on the details view, you get a report including screenshots on all the devices you've chosen, potential issues we found on that page, and a breakdown of the performance reports.

Page Details Section

Layout Errors

This is getting to the interesting parts. PageWatch can automatically find all different kinds of layout or other visual errors that might only happen on certain devices. If you hover over the issue you can see exactly where it occurred.

Layout Issues for iPad

Spelling errors

PageWatch has a custom spelling check (built on that intelligently finds spelling issues with very few false positives. Clicking on the spelling issue takes you directly to the page with the word highlighted.

Spelling Issues

Broken Links, Javascript errors, Performance scores

And more. PageWatch crawls every link it finds on your site to determine if its still valid, and can also find broken images, slow page plus many other factors that can cause issues for your visitors or Google rankings.

Broken link checks

Give it a try with your site, the first 15 tests a month is completely free:

Written by Loftie Ellis (follow on Twitter)